Custom Lightweight Nomex 2 Layer Suit – SFI 3.2a/5


Experience the pinnacle of racing performance with the EPIC SFI 3.2a/5  Lightweight Nomex Racing Suit. Meticulously crafted to exceed industry standards, this suit combines advanced safety features with unparalleled customization options, ensuring both safety and style on the track.

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Key Features:

  • – Superior Safety Certification: Featuring SFI 3.2a/5 certification, this suit offers top-tier flame resistance and protection, providing drivers with peace of mind during races.
  • – Unlimited Embroidery: Customize your suit with unlimited embroidery, allowing you to showcase your team logo, sponsor branding, or personal flair with pride.
  • – Custom Sizing: Enjoy the perfect fit with custom sizing included, ensuring optimal comfort and mobility during races.
  • – Enhanced Mobility: 360 Degree Arm Gussets, Lower Back Stretch Panel, and Crotch Stretch Panels enable unrestricted movement, allowing drivers to maneuver with ease on the track.
  • – Premium Inner Lining: The suit features a premium knit Nomex inner lining for enhanced comfort and moisture-wicking properties, keeping you cool and dry during intense races.
  • – Choice of Design: Choose between Boot Cut or Cuffed leg designs, along with your preferred quilting stitch color, to tailor the suit to your individual style.
  • – Lightweight Construction: With a weight of just 180gsm, this suit offers a lightweight design that minimizes heat stress and fatigue during races.
  • – Durable Outer Shell: The standard Meta Para-Aramid Nomex outer shell provides durability and abrasion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding racing conditions.


Why Choose the EPIC SFI 3.2a/5 Racing Suit:

  • – Unmatched Safety Standards: Certified to SFI 3.2a/5 standards, this suit offers unmatched flame resistance and protection, meeting the stringent requirements of professional racing.
  • – Personalized Style: With unlimited embroidery and customization options, the EPIC suit allows you to create a unique racing ensemble that reflects your personality and branding.
  • – Exceptional Comfort: Engineered with premium materials and ergonomic design features, the EPIC suit delivers exceptional comfort and mobility, allowing you to focus on your performance on the track.


Gear up for success with the EPIC SFI 3.2a/5 Lightweight Nomex Racing Suit. Combining advanced safety features with unparalleled customization options, this suit sets a new standard for performance and style in Motorsports apparel.


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