NASCAR Rated SFI 3.4/5 Ultralight Uniform


NASCAR mandated 3.4 Advanced Driver Uniforms are designed with a few added levels of protection, designed to protect the professional racer, professional race teams and safety personnel.

Ultralight, premium nomex – with a taller collar and strict decoration safety requirements.

EPIC is one of the few manufacturers a part of the SFI 3.4 program.

Required for the top 3 NASCAR national series.


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Key Features:

  • Manufactured at or above SFI 3.2a/1 standards
  • Unlimited Embroidery – showcase your team sponsors
  • Custom Sizing – superior fit and comfort allowing you to focus on racing rather than adjusting your suit
  • 360 Degree Arm Gussets, Lower Back Stretch Panel, and Crotch Stretch Panels 
  • Choice of design features – leg cut, pockets & more  


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