10X15 Custom Printed Pit Mat


Enhance your pit area with our custom printed pit mat, meticulously crafted on durable PVC mesh material to seamlessly blend functionality with striking design. Tailored to showcase your team name, sponsors, and more, this pit mat is an essential addition to any racing setup


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Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures sharp, vivid graphics that demand attention. Whether you’re featuring your team’s emblem, promoting sponsors, or incorporating captivating designs, your pit mat will command the spotlight and leave a lasting impression on spectators and competitors alike.

Built to endure the demands of race day, our pit mats are constructed from premium PVC mesh material known for its exceptional resilience. Withstanding the wear and tear of constant use, this material guarantees longevity while allowing for effortless cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your pit area remains pristine throughout the season.

Tailored to your specifications, our pit mats offer limitless customization options. Collaborate closely with our design team to bring your vision to fruition, whether you desire a polished and professional appearance or a bold and dynamic aesthetic. With no constraints on colors or graphics, you have the creative freedom to design a pit mat that reflects your team’s identity with precision.



Can you roll a jack on them?

– Yes, but be cautious of sharp objects as they may scratch the vinyl. Ensure proper equipment is used when lifting a car, and place the vehicle on concrete or pavement. Utilize flat-bottom or rubber boot jack stands or pro jacks for safety.

What is the use for a pit mat?

– Keep your car on a clean surface, contain spills, and enable easy cleanup. Avoid placing tires or the vehicle on damp surfaces like grass, rocks, or loose dirt.

Can a canopy sit on top?

– Absolutely! It’s the ideal use for the pit mat! We can also customize the mat to fit any canopy size.

Do you suggest using on grass or regular terrain?

– Yes! The mat features grommet holes to secure it to soft terrain like grass or dirt, particularly recommended for windy conditions.


Clean with foaming glass cleaner, Swiffer, soap, and water, then let it dry. Avoid cleaning with brake cleaner as it may remove ink from the pit mat. If brake cleaner accidentally gets on the mat, let it dry without wiping.


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